Obstacles for Competency-Based Education Programs of the Future

Competency-based education is not a new idea; however, it has only recently grabbed widespread attention as a viable alternative to traditional education.  This model offers students an opportunity to earn a degree at their own pace, while effectively leveraging what they have learned in and out of the classroom.  As competency-based education has gained exposure, […]

Thomas Edison State College’s Open Course Option

Since their inception, MOOCs have been touted as the answer to the ever-rising cost of college tuition.  However, while their enrollments have soared, many people have wondered what their real impact on tuition, and higher education, has been.  Some are already calling MOOCs a failed experiment as Udacity and Coursera turn away from higher ed […]

Testing Higher Ed

My name is Steve Phillips, and I am currently serving as the Acting Assessment Strategist for Thomas Edison State College.  My position was created to help the college figure out what exactly there is to do with open educational resources (OER).  They assumed, (perhaps correctly), that after spending years developing courses out of OER for […]